Vulnerability can be a pretty scary thing. To open up and share things that are so very personal to you, in front of others whom you have no idea how they will react…well, it’s very hard to do! But, it can also be just the thing your audience needs to hear!

Vulnerability means sharing our deepest hurts, wounds, scars, pain, in order to help others. For me, it sometimes freezes me with fear! I begin to panic; then I want to run! But, then I remember that God put me in this place, and if He put me here, He will get me through it. You see, my vulnerability isn’t about ME. It’s about how HE pulled me through some of the toughest times in my life!

It’s about how He pulled me through the pain that I had hidden for so many years! It’s about how He has freed me from the wounds, emotionally and physically. It’s about a freedom that I never knew existed, until I gave my life to Him.

Now, yes, it’s still hard to be vulnerable in front of others; but only if I think my sharing is about ME. But, when I focus on HIM, my vulnerability becomes a flashing sign that says “JESUS SAVES & HEALS”!!

So, before you share something about your life that puts you in a vulnerable state, ask yourself why you are sharing it. Is it to give God glory for everything He has done for you, in every aspect of your life? Is it to tell others that Jesus can set them free, break the bondage they are in, and cause them to see and feel things they’ve never seen or felt before?

If you can answer YES to the above questions, then I give you a great BIG HALLELUJAH, Sister!! BE VULNERABLE! Share JESUS with others! Shout Him from the rooftops! Because whom the Son sets free is free indeed! Don’t be afraid to tell others about this freedom! It can be so life-changing for them, and for you!

John 8:36 NIV – So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Until next time,