You Were Created to Be Victorious!

I’m still a work in progress, but one thing I have learned is that I am an Overcomer! I am no longer a slave to my past! I am no longer a victim! I am VICTORIOUS through Christ Jesus!

I was never created for little things. I was never created to be stomped on and used. I was never created to have demeaning words spoken over me. I was never created to be physically or emotionally abused by ANYONE!

Those things may have happened in my life; but God did not create me to stay in a world of what I call “victimhood”. I did that for many years. Trust me, it doesn’t work! All it does is keeps you in bondage to whatever has such a strong hold on you.

You were created for greatness! Maybe you’ve had things happen to you that never should have happened to you. But girlfriend, I am hear to tell you that GOD DID NOT CREATE YOU FOR THOSE THINGS!

He created you to be victorious!

He created you to rise above your circumstances; run the great race and not grow weary. He created you to take authority over any and all attacks from the enemy!  He created you to stand firm, to take up your shield, to use the Word of God as your weapon of combat against the enemy.

God can and will turn your ashes into beauty, if you allow Him.

Have faith, Sister friend. You will rise above this, like you’ve always done before. Satan cannot keep you down, if you don’t let him! Stand up! Shout NO! Take authority over him and then take your rightful place in the VICTORY God has for you!

1 John 5:4 (NIV)  “for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.”

Let’s Get Free Together!



Published by

Christi Wilson, Just Keepin It Real

Christi lives in Southeast Wisconsin with her husband, Gary, and her two dogs. She is a mother to two stepsons and two daughters, and a "Nonnie" to eleven of the sweetest grandchildren, whom she lovingly calls her g-babies! She ministers to women about freedom that can only be found thru and in Jesus Christ.

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