His Faithfulness

I love places like this, where I can be alone with God. A place that represents His beauty, His strength. It’s a place that allows me to reflect on the path I’ve chosen for my life.

There was a time, years ago, my life was in much turmoil. I think back on those times and thank God I made it through them. Honestly, if it weren’t for God, I wouldn’t have made it through those times!

That evening, many years ago, when I alone, stood at the altar and surrendered was the major turning point in my life!

Has my life been perfect since? No.
Have I made all the right choices since? No.
Have I remained faithful to Him since? Not always.
But, He has always remained faithful and steadfast in my life! Always, even when I backslid for awhile.

But, just as the Prodigal Son returned home, so did I. And I saw Him faithfully waiting for me, with outstretched arms, ready and willing to welcome me home.

He is forever faithful to us. No matter what!

“For great is His love toward us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever. Praise the LORD.”
Psalm 117:2

Published by

Christi Wilson, Just Keepin It Real

Christi lives in Southeast Wisconsin with her husband, Gary, and her two dogs. She is a mother to two stepsons and two daughters, and a "Nonnie" to eleven of the sweetest grandchildren, whom she lovingly calls her g-babies! She ministers to women about freedom that can only be found thru and in Jesus Christ.

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